About Us


Colorful Dreams Youth  Center came about from a need. We noticed the need for high-quality services and interventions for disadvantaged youth in our community. We recognize that the current resources available to help youth in our community are lacking or fragmented. Many are difficult to navigate and access. This affects our entire community as a whole.

We focus on giving disadvantaged youth areas the encouragement, services, and core programming they need to create and nurture beneficial and productive relationships. This includes helping the youth we serve become self-sufficient adults by developing new, relevant skills and establishing meaningful goals.

We do what we do in order to reduce the common risks that can derail young adults as they struggle to find a path in life that’s right for them. And we do our work where it matters most – the communities we are a part of!


Our mission is to positively transform Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia into a community that’s economically robust and healthy. We do this by providing the resources necessary to improve the lives of at-risk youth in the greater New Orleans area.

We believe that youth are inherently resilient and destined to do great things if they have the right support. Our services and programs are designed to reduce risks and give young adults access to important resources and opportunities.

We strategically evaluate and enhance the resources available in our community to build better safety. Our services help disadvantaged youth in the Washington D.C, Maryland, Virginia area.

  • Maintain and improve mental and physical well-being
  • Form meaningful community connections
  • Reach their educational and career goals
  • Achieve their highest potential
  • Be law-abiding citizens
Our Partners

At Colorful Dreams Youth Center, we partner with local school districts, the juvenile court system, and children and family services to reach disadvantaged youth in ourcommunity. Our partners also include local volunteers who dedicate their time to helping those in need.