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Welcome to Colorful Dreams
We are a nonprofit organization that empowers disadvantaged youth to discover the power of knowledge and self-reliance. We offer a broad range of support for adolescents and teens in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Our mission is to inspire positive change and give youth the resources they need to do great things.
What We Do
Mentoring and Tutoring
Here at Colorful Dreams Youth Center, we recognize the importance that mentorship plays in the lives of kids and teens.
Wellness Services
Our strength-based holistic wellness services address mental and physical health concerns. We provide comprehensive mental health and wellness services:
Career Counseling & Coaching
The ability to obtain and maintain stable employment is one of the biggest factors that enable a successful transition to adulthood.
Support groups and life skills training
We provide Life Skills Training to reduce the risk of addiction and other high-risk behaviors. Life skills training uses real-life examples to enable youth to gain the skills and competencies that they need to reduce the risk of risky behaviors.
Many Other Services For Disadvantaged Youth
We connect youth with a volunteer mentor who takes the role of a safe, supportive, and stable adult figure in their lives. Mentors teach youth self-discipline, self-control, and more.
How We Do It
We recruit adult volunteers to provide mentoring and support to disadvantaged youth. Our programs are completely free to youth who qualify. We are supported by various agencies, volunteers, and private donations.
Who We Serve

Colorful Dreams serves youth ages 8-16. However, the majority of our services are targeted towards middle school youth. We find that this age period is particularly problematic for many young people. They are going through a variety of changes both socially, emotionally, and academically. This is the perfect time for mentoring to be effective.

We focus particularly on youth who are at-risk because of homelessness, juvenile delinquency, mental illness, or substance abuse. Our goal is to help them overcome difficult challenges, and to prepare them to be self-sufficient adults. We aim to set them on the path towards independence through high-quality youth engagement services.

Where We Do It
Our services are available to youth at our center, which is conveniently located to public transportation. We also provide services in the community, as well as at various schools in the area.
Contact US

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